I am a young software developer born in 1991. My journey to software development began in 2005 when I decided that I’d like to make my own computer games. After dabbling with Zelda Classic I soon found GameMaker which taught me the basics of programming and acted as my primary tool for development. You can find my oldest public finished game in this blog, The North, Pohjola from 2007.

On 2010 I began university studies in Tampere University of Technology. Basic courses taught me about object-oriented programming and I soon migrated from GameMaker to make Flash-games with Flashpunk framework. From this era my most significant releases are The Scorpion Box and in lesser extent Bodiless. I have also participated into Global Game Jam multiple times.

Despite of years of hobby game development I don’t really see myself to be a part of game industry. Due to this in recent years I have gravitated more towards software development and worked mostly on web development. Most of the tasks have been in backend with a dash of frontend with Angular.js. You should probably read more about my work history from my Linkedin if you are interested.

For now I’m still studying for my masters degree and dabbling with numerous web-technologies.

This blog will act as a dumping site of my various projects from illustrations to programming tutorials. I hope you will find something valuable here for your own journey on related fields :)

– Tuomas, 8.4.2016, Tampere.