For the Medicine

For the Medicine is a small RPG where battles work by using magical cards. The challenge is to design a good deck against each of the unique enemies. In battle you have to use your cards wisely to attack and defend against the enemy attacks.

The game was started at summer 2011. At the moment it is on hold until I decide what to do with it. I might  restart it and build it for mobile devices in future.

I decided to put the demo out. Because the game is old and I didn’t want to touch the code too much, it is really rough so before playing please read the instructions and notes below!

How to play:


  1. Select enemy on the map. All enemies are available so best order is Salamander – Mossmuncher – Lanterking – others
  2. In battle, select cards you want to use. If you use multiple cards of same color or which have same numbers, or numbers form ascending or descending order, you get bonus damage which is shown in left bar.
  3. When enemy attacks, you have few seconds time to pick defensive card. Gray cards can be picked, but they don’t protect you.

Deck customising

  1. Before battle read enemy descriptions to get tips of which cards you should select.
  2. Open deck editor from button in map.
  3. Your deck can hold 15 cards. And menu shows all your different cards. Numbers show how many cards you have in your deck and how much of them you have. Check third screenshot.
  4. Press any card to get into sub-menu where you can add or remove cards from your deck.

Play demo here (no preloader so wait a bit, it’s about 5Mb big)






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