Gravity Deathmatch

Gravity Deathmatch was developed as a part of Global Game Jam (or Finnish Game Jam) in Tampere. It is a two player game where one player controls the human and other controls the alien character. Goal of the game is to try kill other player while jumping around in a asteroid octagon and changing the gravity with your projectile. We think it turned out rather fun.

Game was made in Unity with 2d tools. I did the background graphics and most of the GUI coding, as well as some other small tasks. Character animations and logo were done by Ilkka Taurinen while main programming was divided between Timo Kellomäki, Antton Hytönen and Esko Vankka. A separate awesome music and sound team made the music and sounds for the game, so many thanks to Jonne Kokkonen and Konstamikko Korhonen!

GGJ Page of the game



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