Tampere Machines Game

Tampere Machines Game was a game project I worked on the Spring 2013. The goal of the project was to develop a game for three companies Cargotec, Sandvik and John Deere to be used on their collaboration project.

The idea was to use a simple tablet game to get people familiar with each other and companies in a quick and funny way. The project was one of the Demola Spring projects 2013.

tampere machines

The game has three different environments corresponding each company. Cargotec part of the game takes place in terminal area, John Deere in forest and Sandvik in openpit and underground mine. The team included three members. My job was to create most of the graphics and program part of the game. Game was developed in Unity3d. Unfortunately because of the game was done for internal use of the companies, a playable version isn’t publicly available.

More information about our progress and about the project can be found at Demola website where our team published blog posts about the progress during the project.

**My Part**: Concept, Graphics, Additional Programming

The Team: Lukas Kallenbach: Concept, Programming, Getting things done Joonas Kemppainen: Concept, Project Management



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