On Summer 2013 I was a member of a five man team developing an Android software for operators and managers of a mobile machines. The goal of the project was to produce an app which could give information about wheel-loaders and other such machines in realtime via sensors. My role was software developer and I programmed most of the software.

Our project partner was Tampere University of Technology’s automation and hydraulics department. Before the project began, researchers had installed multiple sensors to two wheel-loaders; Avant 635 and Wille 655c. These sensors were then conencted through WiFi to Android tablet. Our task was to set out and develop extra value for the existing system.

Over the summer we came up with three mode app. The operator mode provides the operator of a machine a dashboard of  realtime dials, graphs from sensor data, task management system, view which visualizes the tilt of the machine and movements of a boom and the bucket.

After each session, the app saves certain values of it and generates a feedback entry which gives the user some information about their performance. It provides a summary of the work distribution (amount of normal, idle and full pressure time), number of duty cycles etc.

Last mode of the program is intended for the managers of the machine fleet. Each operator tablet can be connected to a single manager tablet over local WiFi-network. After connection is established, the manager gets summary of the actions of every operator. This information includes operator’s current task, work distribution etc. Manager also sees the location of each machine on a map and the paths driven by machines.

For more information, check the project blog on the Demola website where news about our progress was posted regularly through the summer.