A simple weather downloading client developed originally for Lammi Biological Station in 2014-2015 to retrieve weather data from Finnish Meteorological Institute’s open data service. Lately I have been getting support mails from random people about using the app and thanking me of creating it, so in 2016 I have further improved it in various ways.

Most notable addition in 2016 was rewrite of application to use FMI’s catalogue service, which provides metadata of available data sets to download. This should make it easier to support downloading new different types of data sets in future. Support for solar radiation and monthly weather averages were added in the same update with more coming in next updates.

If you have used FMIDownloader before I highly recommend you to update since newest version contains a lot of bug fixes, ui improvements and automatical update checking for future updates. Below are download links and more specific list of new changes.

Download FMIDownloader for Windows

Cover image by John Kerstholt